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You have been invited by someone currently taking dance at Cadance Academy and they must like you something fierce because they've invited you to join them!So, if you've never been a student at Cadance and end up loving your class and decide to join us for year-long classes because of this invite, we have a special gift for both of you!

With a few short questions (less than a minute) we can help ensure your spot is reserved in a class with your friend -> and any others that might  interest you.

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Where to Find us:

New Minas Location (47 Roy Ave.)

Greenwich Location (Bishop Hall)

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Some of you might be thinking "Thanks but I've already been looking for a dance school for my child, I've reviewed the report '7 things every parent should know before choosing their dance school' on your website and I'm ready to register now".

I'll still complete the I was Invited form to ensure I get a free gift with registration and the friend who invited me gets theirs too.

In 3 easy steps you can start building some memories of your own...
they last a lifetime.

Step 1.

Create new account

Then "Add a Student" and complete the information required to register for a class.

Step 2.
Once completed, the defined age of your child will determine the class options available. Click on "Register for Classes".

Step 3.
Make sure you completed the Bring a Friend form above. We'd love to thank you and your friend for becoming a part of Cadance Academy.

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